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6 Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protectors In Your Home

A whole-home surge protector is one major way to reduce the risk of power surges that can cause harm and damage to your expensive electronica equipment, wiring, and appliances.

What Causes Power Surges?

  • Downed Power Lines
  • Lightning Storms
  • Faulty or Damaged Wiring
  • Electrical Utility Switching
  • Turning High-Powered Electrical Devices On and Off

In the event of a storm, faulty wiring, or downed power lines, you’ll find a whole-home surge protector to be well worth the investment, Here are the 6 benefits of having one installed in your home.

1. Prevents Electrical Fires

If you experience surges in your home wiring, know that it can cause overheating, sparks, and fires. This is because the power surge can increase the amount of electricity flowing to your outlet. However, with a whole-home surge protector, you don’t have to worry about this. A surge protector will help prevent an electrical fire.

2. Protects Your Expensive Devices

Chances are you have expensive equipment and appliances in your home, whether that be a TV, your HVAC unit, computers, or something else. In order to operate your electronics and appliances, the use of your home’s electric circuit boards is required. Even the smallest voltage spike can have a significant impact if not protected. With a surge protector, you can protect all your expensive devices and equipment.

3. Gives You Peace of Mind

Not only can power surges cause damage to your appliances and electrical outlets, but they can also cause fire in some cases. However, with a surge protector, you can have peace of mind knowing your expensive electronic devices are protected, as well as the safety of you and your family.

4. Low-Cost Option

Electrical disturbances are expensive, and replacing costly equipment and appliances can be, too. Surge protection is a low-cost option for very high-cost equipment. Compared to what you’d be spending to replace the damaged appliances, surge protection is a reliable, low-cost solution homeowners can count on.

5. Reduces Maintenance Costs

Power surges can not only damage your home’s appliances and electrical equipment, but they can also shorten their lifespan. By protecting your home and expensive items with a surge protector, you can prevent the need for unneccessary maintenance and repair costs for your appliances, computers, HVAC unit, and other electronic equipment.

6. They’re Easy To Repair & Replace

If something were to go wrong with your whole-home surge protector, they’re fortunately easy to repair and replace. A failed surge protector is nothing compared to a failed HVAC unit, generator, computer, or other electrical equipment. They’re much easier to repair and a lot more cost-effective.

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