Spring Clean Your HVAC with These 6 Tips

Spring is almost here, and you know what that means? You’re only a few weeks away from turning on your AC unit for the first time this year! As you start building your spring cleaning list, make sure not to overlook your HVAC unit. Here are the top 6 tips to keep your HVAC clean this spring!

1. Check Your Ductwork

This spring, check your ductwork to make sure it’s not ripped or sagging. If there are leaks, you should plan to have them repaired right away in order to increase your unit’s efficiency and help your HVAC system cool your home more effectively.

2. Clear Away Weeds and Other Debris

Over the fall and winter months, chances are a lot of weeds, plants, and other debris have accumulated around your HVAC unit. Make sure you pull any weeds and trim any bushes or shrubs near your system. Your AC unit should have a couple feet of space in order to receive proper airflow.

3. Tighten Electrical Connections

Faulty electrical connections are a major safety hazard you want to make sure you avoid. During your spring cleaning, make sure to check all your electrical connections to ensure they’re not loose or faulty before turning on your AC unit for the season.

4. Clean The Condenser

Over the winter, your condenser tends to get dirty with leaves, road grime, and other debris. It’s important to give it a good, thorough cleaning in order to keep it working efficiently all through summer.

5. Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can do more harm than good – like increasing your electricity bill, reduce airflow, lower the air quality in your home, and cause your air conditioner to prematurely fail. Homeowners should replace their air filters every 1-3 months to avoid dealing with a broken or inefficient AC unit.

6. Remove Dust From Your Home

One way to remove dust from your home is to clean the air vents. Air vents have a tendency to attract dust. If not cleaned, that dust can get blown around your home when you turn on your AC for the summer. Not only will vacuuming the air vents do the trick here, but you can also try washing the vent with soap and water and let it air dry.

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