7 Dangerous Electrical Myths That Need To Be Cleared Up

There are many common misconceptions about electricity. Even though we use it all the time, a lot of people don’t understand how it truly works. This can be dangerous so we want to clear the air. Here are 7 dangerous electrical myths you should stop believing right now.

1. Myth: Only Old Wiring Can Go Bad

Busted: New wiring can go bad, too, for a number of reasons. It could have been installed incorrectly, there could be a circuit overload, or rodents could have chewed through it. Just because your wiring might be new, don’t assume it can’t go bad! That’s why regular maintenance is so important. To avoid early failure, make sure you’re having your electrical system, including your wiring, inspected regularly by a professional.

2. Myth: Rubber Shoes and Gloves Protect Against Electricity

Busted: You’ve probably heard before that rubber insulates. However, only 100% pure rubber does. More than likely, your rubber shoes and gloves aren’t 100% rubber. A lot of times, they are mixed with other cheaper materials that can be conductors of electricity. It’s best to not risk it, either way, and leave all electrical tasks to the professionals.

3. Myth: All Live Wires Will Create A Spark

Busted: Just because a wire doesn’t create a spark, doesn’t mean it’s not live. You should refrain from touching any fallen wires no matter what. If a live wire doesn’t spark, it could just mean that the wire is de-energizing. Let the professionals with the proper gear, equipment, tools and knowledge handle all fallen wires to be safe.

4. Myth: Low Voltage Means Low Harm

Busted: Low voltage doesn’t always mean low harm. In fact, according to OSHA Safety, a severe shock will usually create more damage than is visible initially. The current is actually what will determine how dangerous an electrical threat is. With all that being said, a low voltage with a strong current can still cause great harm.

5. Myth: The More PPE You Wear, The Better

Busted: Wearing layers upon layers or personal protective equipment (PPE) doesn’t mean you are safe from the hazards of electricity. Quality over quantity. It’s much better to have the RIGHT kind of PPE than several layers. Having the wrong gear on, even if you have layered up, can still be just as dangerous than if you didn’t have any gear on at all.

6. Myth: Wood Provides Protection Against Electricity

Busted: You’ve likely heard that wood is a poor conductor – and that’s actually true. However, what you should be careful about is wood that is wet or even damp. Water is a conductor of electricity, so wet or damp wood can be extremely dangerous when it comes into contact with electricity. Electricity, especially high-voltage electricity, can move through wood and electrocute you so you need to be careful when using wood around electricity.

7. Myth: Household Currents Aren’t Strong Enough To be Deadly

Busted: Electricity in your home can most certainly be dangerous, and even fatal – especially if it comes into contact with water. That’s why it’s so important not to operate any electrical appliances or even touch electrical cords with wet hands or while in water. This is also why many electricians recommend every household have GFCI outlets installed.

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