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8 Plumbing Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

A lot of these plumbing myths have been circling the internet for decades. However, believing them could actually cause more harm to your plumbing. Here are the top 8 plumbing myths you should stop believing right now.

1. Myth: Lemon Peels Can Safely Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

Busted: While lemons can make your garbage disposal smell better temporarily, the citric acid in the fruit is damaging to your plumbing. You should refrain from putting lemons down your garbage disposal.

2. Myth: A Small Leak Is Nothing To Be Concerned About

Busted: If you have a small leak, chances are you don’t really notice it causing any problems to your daily routine. It’s easily ignorable for most homeowners. However, even the smallest leaks can cause big problems. Constant leaking, no matter how big or how small, can cause mold growth which can be harmful to your wallet – and to your health. Not only that, but the longer you let the water drip, the more damage it causes. It’s a good idea to get all leaks fixed as soon as possible, even if they’re small.

3. Myth: Flushable Wipes Are Flushable

Busted: Even though you’d think flushable wipes are safe to flush, think again. They can actually lead to clogs in your pipes. Not only that, but they don’t disintegrate as easily as regular toilet paper – so they are also bad for the environment.

4. Myth: Store Bought Drain Cleaners Work Best For Drain Cleaning

Not only are chemicals bad for the environment and your own health, they can actually make your clogs worse. It’s a much better and safer option to schedule professional drain cleaning instead of using chemical cleaners.

5. Myth: Professional Drain Cleaning Is Too Expensive

Busted: Contrary to popular belief, professional drain cleaning isn’t all that expensive. In fact, if you don’t use a professional drain cleaning service, the issue could get worse & end up costing you more in the long run. To ensure all blockages are removed & done right the first time, schedule drain cleaning with a professional!

5. Myth: A Wire Hanger Is A Good Substitute For A Plumbing Snake

Busted: A plumbing snake is designed for clearing pipe blockages and using a wire hanger can actually damage the pipe from the inside – leading to additional build-up. You should never use a wire hanger as a substitute for a plumbing snake.

6. Myth: Ice Cubes Can Sharpen The Garbage Disposal Blades

Busted: There are no sharp blades within your disposal. Therefore, ice won’t help sharpen the blades. The impellers that grind the food are more similar to a cheese grater.

7. Myth: Hot Water Melts The Grease To Prevent Clogs

Busted: Grease, even when there’s hot water involved, is never something you should put down the drain. Once the grease hits the pipes, it cools, solidifies, and eventually builds up. It’s a much better idea to dump the grease in the trash or a container to avoid clogs in your pipes.

8. Myth: Putting A Brick In The Back Of Your Toilet Bowls Saves You Money

Busted: By doing this, you run the risk of breaking your flapper, or causing you to have issues flushing – which in turn uses more water. You should think twice before putting a brick in your toilet bowl.

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