When homes begin to show inefficiency in their heating and cooling, an immediate concern is that the HVAC system might be failing. However, if the air filter is fresh, the unit is young, and there aren’t any signs of a possible issue, it could be the ductwork.

A ductwork problem is easy to overlook because you rarely interact with it. Your ductwork is the last step in the process of bringing heated and cooled air into your home. The professionals at Acree Plumbing & Air know ductwork – and have a lot to say about inefficiency and the various solutions.

An amateur installation could be a possible cause of inefficiency. The installer may have not sealed the connections properly or may not have included enough insulation around the ducts. Either case can result in significant energy loss right off the bat, and that inefficiency will deteriorate further over time, even faster if the installer used cheap material like duct tape over the quality sealant. The connections will loosen, resulting in leakage.

Air leakage can happen even if it was installed by a professional as houses, especially older ones, can shift ever so slightly over the home’s lifespan, loosening connections. The main difference is that with an amateur job it is far more likely to happen, far sooner.

When there is extensive leakage in the ductwork, the air you want to come into your home is dispersing uselessly into the air around the unit and ductwork, making your system work harder to bring your home to the appropriate temperatures. Not only does it leak the air out, but it also lets air in from where the opening is. This can cause issues when your unit is in the basement and damp, dirty air is brought up, putting you at risk for mold spores. Promptly schedule a technician qualified for ductwork services if you can see mold or evidence of pests in your ductwork.

According to the EPA, there’s a chance you are losing anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of your home’s air from the ductwork, especially if your home is older or you know the ductwork has not been inspected in a long time. A duct inspection can help you take steps in the right direction; cleaning, resealing or even replacing the ductwork.

As with anything in your home, we always encourage installing products that are eco-friendly. Not only is our Green Safety Ductwork cleaner for the environment – it makes the air cleaner in your home. With an emphasis on using eco-friendly materials, our insulation does not include any known carcinogens that are found in older insulation, such as formaldehyde. This eliminates the possibility of any poisonous gases coming off of your vent insulation into your home as air passes through and over them.

Our green safety ducts also contain outer water shields that make the mold in your ductwork a worry of the past. These shields keep the excess water out so that there are zero favorable conditions for mold and mildew to grow. And lastly, with the powerful and clean insulation that we use to thoroughly pad your ductwork, less of your heat and cooled air gets lost, resulting in energy savings and increased efficiency.

Whether you need duct sealing, cleaning, or are interested in installing our Green Safety Ductwork, Acree Plumbing & Air is here to help Tampa residents breathe a breath of fresh air! Our professional technicians have the tools to test your air quality and help your HVAC system be more efficient. Call us any day of the week from 7 AM to 11 PM at (813) 530-9061 or fill out our online form to get started!