Go to any HVAC service provider’s website, and you’ll almost certainly see a ton of pages and services related to ductwork. These sites will talk a lot about how ducts are vital to maintaining a comfortable home and about how you should consider a variety of different duct services. Duct sealing and duct cleaning — what’s the difference?

At first glance, these might seem like they wouldn’t be all that different. However, there’s actually quite a significant discrepancy between the two, and Acree Plumbing & Air can explain just how they differ!

Duct Cleaning: Short-Term, but Effective

Duct cleaning is extremely helpful for your home’s airflow. It removes irritants and pollutants, increases efficiency and clears the pathways to more effective airflow. Ducts, just like any other surface, need periodic cleaning and you’d be wise to do so every now and then.

While you don’t need to have your ducts cleaned all too frequently, it’s still a good idea to have a thorough cleaning performed every couple of years. You should also clean them whenever you undergo a large-scale home project, as well as whenever you move into a new place. After all, there’s no telling when the previous owner had a duct-cleaning done.

All that said, cleaning your ducts might not solve the problem you’re experiencing at home. For a long-term solution, consider sealing your ducts instead.

Duct Sealing: A Long-Term Fix

Although cleaning your ducts might remedy an immediate issue, that won’t take care of the long-term problems. That’s where duct sealing comes in.

Just think about it: if you’re dealing with lots of mold or dust in your air, it had to come from somewhere, right? Cleaning the contaminants will get rid of them, but the conditions that allowed them to grow in the first place are still there!

Unless you’re a professional HVAC technician, you might not be able to spot the deficiencies in your ducts that lead to the trouble spots. The ducts might be slightly leaky, they could have a nearly invisible tear somewhere, or the sealant might be just a tad too displaced at a joint.

All these things can give nasty pollutants the openings they need to make a home in your ducts and you’d never notice these openings without having a professional come look at them.

Acree Plumbing & Air: Duct Cleaning and Sealing Services in Tampa

Luckily, there’s a company in town that can both remove the things clogging your ducts as well as eliminate the conditions that led to them.

Acree Plumbing & Air’s expertise will get your home’s airflow back in tip-top shape in no time. We offer the most comprehensive HVAC and indoor air quality service in Tampa, and we’re just a phone call away.

To learn more about how we can help out or to schedule an appointment, reach us at (813) 530-9061!