Windows are our view to the world. They help our homes feel open and fresh. And while beautiful and useful for light, they come with common issues too. Windows are one of the first areas of your home you need to check when you’re experiencing air leakage, as they can be enormous air loss points in any structure. Just like insulation in your attic or walls, windows help keep your conditioned air inside and prevent venting it to the outdoors. When your windows don’t seal properly or are single-paned, there’s a large chance you are losing the temperature your HVAC system is working to keep maintained. This results in a large energy loss, raising your bill.

How are energy-efficient windows different from your standard household windows? Many homes have single-paned or sometimes double-paned windows. In double-paned designs, the extra area of space serves as insulation from the outside. Energy-efficient windows are double-paned and sometimes even triple-paned, providing a huge buffer zone from the outdoors.

Depending on the brand, the manufacturers of these windows will further make use of the buffer space between doubled-paned and triple-paned windows and fill it with either Argon or Krypton gasses between the panes. These gasses have high thermal conductivity, meaning there is much less transfer of temperature to the outdoors. Also, the window panes themselves may be coated or made with Low-E glass, a special coating of metallic micro-material. While transparent, they are helpful in all seasons, as they reflect heat away from the household in high heat and retain heat during the colder months.

Now that you know what they are and how they differ from the average window, we can see how these windows may be a choice investment for your household. With energy-efficient windows, you can look at benefits such as:

  1. Better Indoor Protection

We already listed how extra panes and better materials can positively impact your heating and cooling purposes in insulating your home. Even more than that, energy-efficient windows provide extra protection by more effectively blocking UV rays from your home and can assist in protecting fabrics and furniture that would otherwise risk fading by the sun.

  1. Energy Saved

Getting energy-efficient windows reduces your home’s energy usage by up to 18 percent in warmer climates like Tampa, and as high as 30 percent when installed professionally. You will experience major differences no matter what brand or make you buy, but it is always wise to research your choices beforehand to find the best possible match for your household.

  1. Extra Change

According to the National Association of Realtors, replacing windows is one of the most beneficial home remodeling projects for return on investment: you recover 80 percent of the cost instantly by the value added to your home. Even if you are not planning to sell yet, it always looks great for when and if you do. Also, check to see if your potential energy-efficient windows qualify for federal tax benefits. That is a monetary benefit you can enjoy sooner.

At Acree Plumbing & Air, we want you to get the most out of your home. That includes making sure you have the comfort you need to enjoy day-to-day life. Energy-efficient windows make a huge difference in maintaining that comfort, while our professional heating and cooling crew can meet any of Tampa’s HVAC needs with maintenance, repair, and replacement! Call us anytime from 7AM to 11PM any day of the week to get started!