How Often Should I Get My HVAC Unit Serviced?

If you want your HVAC unit to maintain its effectiveness and work as long as it’s supposed to, then it’s imperative that you keep it properly serviced. Any appliance – HVAC unit or otherwise – that receives adequate maintenance will work longer than an appliance that you ignore. It’s common sense.

But how often should you call a technician to come service your HVAC unit? That’s the million-dollar question. There isn’t one proven answer, as there are a few things that factor into your specific situation. But we’re going to try to work through them together! Let the experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric help, and hopefully you’ll come away with a clearer answer.

In General…

Most professionals will recommend you service your HVAC unit roughly twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. However, that’s a blanket recommendation that doesn’t take the wildly different climates in America into account.

For example, homes in say, South Carolina or Virginia would be able to get away with this. There are usually more neatly defined seasons in those areas of the country, so you can adjust your HVAC system for significant changes in the weather.

Here in Tampa, though, that’s not quite as easy.

What About Florida?

The climate here is pretty consistent. It’s usually some version of “hot and humid,” give or take a little bit in either direction depending on what time of the year it is. So, like we touched on above, the usual recommendation of servicing your HVAC unit once or twice a year might not work as well as it would other places.

Those areas of the United States don’t usually need their HVAC system year-round like we tend to down here, so they can get away with only scheduling maintenance when they feel like it. Tampa’s climate isn’t as forgiving, so you might have to be more prudent about scheduling maintenance.

We’d aim for having your HVAC unit serviced at least twice a year, and maybe more often if yours has been around for a few years. Those factors play a large part in the recommendation as well.

How Old Is Your Unit?

Your HVAC unit’s age plays a big part in how often you should have it serviced, the same way anything would require more care and attention as it gets older. Most HVAC units are designed to last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, so as it gets older you should be more attentive to its maintenance needs.

Neglecting to schedule service for your HVAC unit for even one year will decrease its efficiency by as much as 5%, and it only grows exponentially every year after that.

With the proper care and a regular maintenance schedule, your HVAC unit will provide quality and reliable comfort to you and your family for years to come. For all your Tampa HVAC needs – whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency service or a total replacement, give the experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric a call at (813) 530-9061!