avoid high energy bills

Along with fall comes the sneaking chill of pre-winter. So used to the sweltering summer heat, you might be tempted to blast your heater at the first sign of cold, but you don’t want your energy bill to stay frozen on high. Here’s how to avoid high energy bills during fall:

Take Advantage of Your Fireplace

Even in parts of the country that don’t get all that cold in the winter, like Florida, most homes come with a fireplace. On especially cold evenings (or cold evenings in southern terms, at least!), you can throw a log on the fire, open up your flue, and let the low, crackling flames keep you and your family nice and cozy.

Use Space Heaters

If you don’t have a fireplace, or in rooms that don’t have a fireplace in them, you can set up space heaters. You’d be surprised how far the warmth of these small devices can reach! Just be sure to practice space heater safety by not keeping your space heater on carpet or wood and making sure you unplug it after each use.

Keep Throw Blankets Around

As the air in your home starts to bite, reach for a throw blanket instead of your thermostat. If you keep throw blankets in each room, you’ll be less likely to turn up the temperature in your home, which will keep your energy bill from turning up too! This tip also applies to sweaters. If you don’t like the appearance of throw blankets around the house, or feel that they’re only appropriate for certain rooms, just make sure that always have a sweater handy so you can stay warm this fall.

Leave the Windows Open on a Nice Day

You know what they say about the weather in Florida! If you don’t like it, just wait a minute. It’ll change.

Not every day in the fall is going to be colder than you’re comfortable with. Sometimes the sun bares down on your home and creates a cozy warmth that complements that cool breeze nicely. On these days, take full advantage by turning off your HVAC altogether and opening up your windows. Not only is this an inexpensive way to stay comfortable in your home, but it can also help air out the musty smell that has settled in your home over the summer.

Change Your AC Filter

Your HVAC unit could be working in overdrive just because you haven’t changed your AC filter in a while. Think about it: Your air filter is blocking your primary air duct, protecting your home from allergens, dust, and bacteria. But if you air filter is clogged with all the dirt, etc. that it has caught over time, then your HVAC unit is having to work twice as hard to circulate air through your home. Change your filter every one-to-three months to save on your energy bill this fall!

Another great way to save on your energy bill in the fall and winter is to upgrade your HVAC unit to a more energy-efficient model. Talk to the experts at Acree today to hear about our rates and specials!