There’s nothing like electric shock or fire to put the bah-hum-bug in your holiday! When hanging lights this season, whether inside or outside, make sure you’re practicing electrical safety. Here are 5 lighting tips to keep your holiday merry and bright – and your family safe!

1. Inspect Each Light Bulb Carefully

When you go to hang holiday lights this season, check if there are any cracked bulbs or frayed cords. If there are, make sure to throw them away and get new ones. Using damaged lights or cords can be a shock hazard. Once a live wire is exposed, it could leave you vulnerable to electric fires.

2. Don’t Overload Circuits With Your Holiday Display

Don’t be like the Griswold family this season! We highly recommend refraining from plugging in too many lights and overloading circuits. This can cause your circuit to blow. A couple ways to avoid overloading your circuits is to invest in LED lights and install more circuits.

3. Avoid Hanging Cords With Nails, Tacks, or Staples

While lights are a holiday staple… you surely don’t want to use staples (or nails and tacks) to hang them! They can pierce the insulation, which can cause a shock or fire hazard. It’s a good idea to always use plastic hooks to hang lights. Not only are they easy to install and take down, but they also don’t cause damage to your roof or your lights.

4. Use The Correct Extension Cords

There’s a reason indoor extension cords say they’re for indoor use only – and outdoor extension cords are for outdoor use only. Using the wrong extension cord can cause fire, spark, shock, or other electrical hazard. When hanging lights, whether inside or outside, make sure you’re using the appropriate extension cord.

5. Keep Your Tree Well-Watered

A cup full of cheer also applies to your tree. Did you know that the leading cause of holiday fires is electrical failures with tree lights? If your tree is well-watered and you use flame-resistant materials and lights to decorate it, you can avoid a fire hazard this holiday season. On the contrary, if your tree is dry, it can catch fire and burn extremely quick. That’s why it’s also never a good idea to leave the lights on when you’re not home or asleep.

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