2018 is already on a roll, and with it are the scores of resolutions. The experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric have made a few as well! There’s always the age-old fitness resolution – and we always applaud striving for better health. Others are bushed from the Christmas spending season, and are making an effort to save more this year. This is also healthy in itself – having the ability to save improves your finances, meaning you stress less, which in turn improves your overall mental, and physical, health.

HVAC bills account for a major portion of household utility costs in the U.S. The typical American family spends over $2000 a year in energy bills (including those in Tampa), according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s a lot of change! Some easy ways to cut back on that expense is to turn your temperature up when you are not actively using it. Every time you change your temperature a degree closer to the outdoor temperature, the difference in energy usage is roughly 10 percent. That can stack up quickly when you turn the cooling (or heating) off – or even modify it a few degrees during “down times”, like when you are out of the house or lying down for the night.

However, it can be hard to remember to change your temperature, especially when you’re in a rush and leaving for work. This is where programmable thermostats come in. Programmable thermostats automatically adjust your home’s temperature at the times you designate them to. There are also perks like having your HVAC system respond faster, as programmable thermostats are often more sensitive to your room’s temperature than the standard mechanical thermostat. Once they are set to the schedule of your preference, you can have hands-free comfort throughout the year!

The 3 Types of Programmable Thermostats:

5-2 – This thermostat design provides two separate schedules; one for the weekdays and one for the whole of the weekend. This one is perfect for those who work 9-5 through the week and are home through a majority of the weekend.

5-1-1 – A step further than the 5-2, this thermostat design offers scheduling for the weekdays then Saturday and Sunday. A great option if you have varying schedules over the weekends.

7 Day – This thermostat is the most exapnsive option, with programming for every single day of the week. While it will take longer to set up, it is the most hands-on you can get to fine-tuning your temperature to match your schedule. This can also be a handy option for those who work weekends.

No matter which of these designs catches your eye, considering a programmable thermostat could be a viable option for considerable savings. When you program your programmable thermostat correctly with periods of less usage, you can cut your energy consumption by up to 20 percent, resulting in a decent chunk of change by the end of the year!

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