Technology has advanced in a lot of ways — some of it much quicker than others — but it can often feel like the things that power our homes have lagged behind. While phones are getting more advanced every year, for example, we’ve been stuck with the same old lighting and HVAC systems for a while.

However, the second part isn’t completely true. Did you know there’s an advanced, modern method of AC to cool your home? With a ductless AC system, you can bring your home into the present day. But what is a ductless AC system, and how can it help? And should you switch? All good questions — just follow along, and the experts at Acree Plumbing & Air can help you out!

What is a Ductless AC System?

A ductless AC system is just what it sounds like. It gets rid of the interconnected ductwork in your home that circulates air, and it replaces it with several mounted units that are individually responsible for generating hot and cool air.

Think of them as several fans or window-mounted AC units that you’d normally place in rooms throughout your home. Each one is controllable, so you can adjust the temperature depending on what each room’s needs are.

What are the Benefits to Adding a Ductless AC System?

There are certainly many benefits to adding a ductless air system to your home, and some of them will matter more to some people than others, and vice versa. But here are a couple of the reasons we feel adding one would be most beneficial to the majority of homeowners.

  • It lowers costs. With a regular duct-based system, you’re going to be saddled with a hefty energy bill when you run your AC. The HVAC unit has to work up enough power to funnel air at a certain temperature through the whole home, even if you just want to adjust the air in a few rooms. This adds up. A ductless air system only heats the rooms you want to, saving you plenty of money in lower bills.
  • It’s easy to install. When you make the switch to a ductless air system, you won’t have to deal with a contractor ripping up your home for weeks on end. These systems are smaller and require significantly less construction to install. They’ll be in and out before you know it!
  • It’s better for you and the environment. Ductless air systems drastically cut back on the amount of energy you use compared to a traditional HVAC system, so you can relax comfortably knowing you’re being more environmentally conscious. And because these units use a meticulous filtration system to clean the air they put in your home, your indoor air quality is healthier as well!

Whether or not you should switch to a ductless AC system is up to you and your family. They can save you money if you plan on maximizing the usage of your unit over time. They’re more expensive to install up front, however. These systems aren’t for everybody, but we at Acree Plumbing & Air would be glad to talk them over with you.

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