You may be aware of the holiday presence already. Cheerful songs at the grocery store and most every retail outlet have been inundating customers since before Thanksgiving. A walk into any mall offers a kaleidoscopic array of bright ribbons, crimson poinsettias, and Christmas trees swathed in lights. Classic TV specials like the charming claymation of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and the striking animation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas are on constant rotation. But there’s just one problem with all these winter-themed entertainments; snow is not a part of our warm holiday. Some of us may be just fine with it; rejoicing that the sidewalks don’t need shoveling and that shorts can be worn to the neighbor’s holiday party. Others may feel a small loss for the romanticized white Christmases that mock them at every turn.

For our fellow Floridians who are “longing to be up North,” or are simply looking for alternative ways to celebrate the season, Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric has put together a few ideas for a warm, festive holiday:

Set a merry mood with cozy décor

You don’t have to break the bank to make your Tampa home festive. Dollar stores have dining ware, mugs, dish towels and more for this time of year. Get a throw, even if you may not use it often, and use it to decorate your couch for an added comfy feeling. Hang stockings and put pinecones on your mantle. Fake snow interspersed throughout your decorations can lend that wintry look without the bite of the cold. Plus, you can use the balmy weather to your advantage and set up lights at your leisure.

Make your home smell like the holidays

You don’t have to be an essential oils expert to pull off a home that smells like warmth and merriment… There are dozens of options to put potent perfume into your home! Wax warmers and air fresheners have seasonal scents just for this time of year, so take an extra moment to peruse the selection next time you’re at the store to see what is new this year. For a homemade solution, simmer a pot on your stove with cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and peels from an orange or apple for holiday bliss.

Embrace the beach

You can mix the best of both worlds by combining your warm weather with the holiday! There has been a trendy reimagining in recent years on tradition with succulent wreaths and even mini succulent Christmas trees. Or set up your normal tree, plastic or otherwise, and decorate with seashell and beach-inspired ornaments. Get creative with your outdoor decorations! Those who love the beach year-round might opt for melting snowmen, Saint Nick in sunshades and pink flamingos wearing Santa hats.

The fun shouldn’t just end at home. With outfits, a tank top adorned with reindeer will get the merry message across as well as any sweater! For music, instead of the classic fare you hear at the store, why not play breezy and balmy covers of your favorite holiday tunes? When out on the beach, kids can build a sandman instead of a snowman – and take to the water on a boogie board in lieu of sledding. When you’re entertaining friends, make chilled desserts and cocktails to beat the heat.

Enjoy the holiday fully and safely this year! If you need an inspection, maintenance, tune-up, repair or replacement on your HVAC equipment before family and friends arrive, call the fully-licensed technicians at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric. We take pride in our team of technicians, who are insured, background checked, and drug tested for your peace of mind. Our live call center is available for schedule and dispatch. Call(813) 530-9061 to schedule service today!