why is hvac maintenance important

If you have asked yourself why it’s so important to have your HVAC system professionally tuned-up, or why it’s necessary to do menial tasks such as changing the filter or cleaning the coils, you’ve come to the right place. The pros at Acree are here to tell you exactly why HVAC maintenance is so important.

The Importance of Your HVAC Unit

To understand why HVAC maintenance is important, it’s vital to understand the role your HVAC unit plays in keeping your home comfortable. Your HVAC unit is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home, meaning heating and cooling are some of the highest energy expenses. If one little thing goes wrong—perhaps your filter becomes too clogged, the evaporator coil freezes or the cooling agent in your system starts leaking—you have an expensive and time-consuming problem on your hands.  Not to mention you are not getting the heating or cooling you need, which is necessary for your comfort.

Some Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

1. It Saves Money

Just by changing your filter you can reduce your unit’s energy consumption by up to 15%! Changing your filter is one of the easiest HVAC maintenance tasks. In addition to reducing energy consumption, it improves your indoor air quality and improves consistent air flow. By doing other maintenance tasks such as cleaning coils, clearing up the condensate drain and cleaning your outdoor condenser, you can prevent expensive repairs in the future. Lastly, by making sure your windows, exterior doors and ducts are well-sealed, you can prevent indoor, conditioned air from escaping. Just by adding new weatherstripping (which is cheap and easy) you are insuring that your HVAC unit isn’t working overtime to provide the heating or cooling you need.

2. It Prevents Stress

If you dedicate a day or two to HVAC maintenance, you will be saving yourself weeks of stress. By putting in some effort beforehand, you will be preventing sudden breakdowns, complicated malfunctions, panicked calls to HVAC technicians and expensive emergency repairs.

3. It Keeps Your Home Safe

Believe it or not, by maintaining your HVAC system you can keep your home safe. If you don’t regularly tune-up your unit, you might miss the leaking refrigerant lines or the cracked heat exchanger. Both can be potentially dangerous—the former is a dangerous chemical that needs to be handled professionally, the latter causes harmful gases to leak such as carbon monoxide.

4. Extend Your Unit’s Life

By maintaining your HVAC unit, you can extend your system’s life. This way you won’t have to worry about spending money on a new system or new equipment for a long time. Equipment that must work with dust and grime will wear out quickly, leading to early burnout and failure. It is smarter to spend a little more on maintenance rather than purchasing new equipment or components that won’t last long.

Maintain Your HVAC Unit with Acree!

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