ways to save money on your energy bills

It’s always important to do what you can to save money, and an area where we usually find ourselves spending more than necessary is on cooling and heating. However, with just a few handy tips and tricks from us here at Acree Plumbing & Air, you’ll be able to reduce your costs dramatically. Here are 4 easy ways to save money on your energy bills!

Adjust the Temperature – Just a Bit

We like to keep the air conditioning pretty cool here in Tampa, and we’d be crazy not to! With the humidity and high temperatures, a properly functioning AC is essential here. But while frigid indoor temperatures feel good, they often come with a high cost.

The best way to help address that is by making a small adjustment to your thermostat settings. It seems counter-intuitive to raise your temperature when it’s hot, but even a few degrees will make a noticeable difference in your energy bills. If you’re used to having your thermostat at around 70, then move it up to 71 or 72 and see if you can still live comfortably. If so, you’ll already be making a big step toward lower bills!

Wash Clothes Efficiently

Washing clothes whenever the clothes hamper is full is convenient, but it wastes a lot of energy. Every time you run the washing machine, you use electricity to run the water — and even more so if it’s on a hotter cycle. If you combine loads and knock them all out at once, you’ll start washing more efficiently.

To take your efficiency to the next level, try to wash clothes at night when the electrical grid isn’t being used as much. You’ll put less strain and burden on it, lessening the energy requirements!

Change Air Filters On Time

That’s right, changing air filters does more than just keep your air clean. Think about it: when the filter is clogged after not being changed in a while, it’ll be harder for the AC to get air through and into your home. When it’s working harder, you’ll end up paying for it on the back end when the bills come in.

What Type of Air Filter Should I Get?

Be sure to maintain a strict filter-changing schedule to ensure that your air is clean and the AC is able to perform its job efficiently.

Use Natural Cool Air

There are other ways to cool your home besides the AC. Something called “Texas Cool,” which is when you open the windows in the morning and at night when the temperatures are cooler outside, is a good way to create a colder environment without paying for it!

Acree Plumbing & Air: Your Energy-Efficiency Experts

The Tampa summers are long, hot and humid. Whether you’re in the market for a set of energy-efficient appliances or just need some pointers to help your fussy AC start working properly, we’re the ones to call! At Acree Plumbing & Air, our highly trained technicians will do whatever they can to make sure you and your family enjoy the comfortable home you deserve.

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