easy ways to reduce your heating costs

No matter where you are in life, saving money is something everyone can get behind. Now, there are definitely a million ways to do this, but one way you can save a few extra bucks is by doing what you can to reduce heating costs. You don’t have to totally overhaul how you go about heating your home, though.

Even a few simple changes can add up over the course of a year and make a noticeable difference in your annual energy-bill savings. These frugal tips from the heating experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric can help you do just that!

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Your thermostat accounts for a sizable portion of the energy you use in your home. Unless you remember to adjust the thermostat every day when you and the kids leave in the morning, you might be racking up unnecessary heating costs.

A programmable thermostat helps to fix that. It gives you the freedom to set the temperature in your home for all hours of the day, and you only have to do it once. Adjust it so the temperature gets to a level that is far too high or low to enjoy during the day, and have it return to a normal, comfortable level when everyone returns home that evening.

These changes quickly add up and put more money in your pocket!

Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Another energy-sucker in the home is our water heater. Just think about how much it accounts for: showers, baths, our washing machine, sinks – we use a lot of hot water, and often without a second thought!

To help mitigate the costs that come from using your water heater, crank the temperature down by 10 degrees or so. Even an adjustment this small will save roughly 5% on the usual cost of running your unit.

Be Diligent About Changing Air Filters

Air filters aren’t nearly as expensive as a thermostat or a water heater, but they can make just as big an impact. When you forget to change your filters out, dust and other airborne pollutants build up, lowering the efficiency of your home’s air circulation.

As a result, your AC has to work harder to reach your desired temperature, jacking up your energy bill as well. Be sure to swap out your dirty air filter for a new one every 30 days or so to maintain maximum efficiency!

Don’t Block Return Vents

To keep everything functioning smoothly in your home’s air system, all of the openings where air flows in and out need to be clear of obstruction. That means things like couches, shelves and other pieces of furniture need to be out of the way of any return vents on the floor. When they’re blocked, they have to work harder – similar to what happens when the air filter gets clogged.

Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric can help you and your family achieve your goal of lowering your heating bills in the beginning of the new year. Give us a call at (813) 530-9061 to speak to one of our team members today!