Uh oh, what’s going on? Everything seems to be checking out: your AC is on and running, the air is coming out, and it doesn’t sound like there are any mechanical problems going on. And yet, the cool blast of air you’re expecting to come out of the vents is just lukewarm and, frankly, useless.

In Tampa, we need functioning AC to save us from the humid air and muggy weather. So when we barge in the door and slam it shut, desperate to retreat to the valuable safety of a cool and crisp home, only to be greeted by an atmosphere that is just as bad as the one outside, it’s aggravating.

Odds are, something’s up with the AC unit. It could be any number of a wide range of things causing the issue, and no situation is going to be the same. We at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric are determined to make sure our neighbors are as comfortable as possible, so we want to offer a few potential reasons your AC may not be cooling your home. Whether or not you discover the culprit, our technicians can get your AC back in working order in no time!

Check the Fan Settings

Some of us like to leave the fan on the “ON” switch instead of the “AUTO” position, and while that’s fine, it can make it seem like your AC isn’t blowing cold air sometimes. When the fan is blowing constantly, it’s going to expel air that may or may not currently be cooling.

Since the thermostat just needs to reach a certain temperature and isn’t always activating the cooling mechanism, your fan might just be blowing lukewarm air.

Reset the Power

It’s a tried-and-true solution to, well, just about everything, but there’s a reason it’s something everyone suggests regardless of what device is struggling. Give the power a quick on-off flip, and it might correct whatever was troubling your AC unit.

Change the Filter

We all know that we’re supposed to change out the air filter every so often, but we don’t really expect it to make much difference beyond some slightly dirtier air. However, it can end up totally blocking the cool air coming from the AC unit if the filter is left for too long.

Eventually, it’ll get clogged, which will totally trap any cold air trying to escape the vent.

Clean the Condenser

Your outdoor AC condenser unit needs maintenance just like the one indoors does. While there’s not as much you can do to fix it without calling a professional, you can still clean it – and that could make a big difference.

Spray the unit down with a hose, and pick up any debris that might’ve fallen around it. Both of those things can have a sizable impact on the condenser’s performance, and it might solve your problem!

These were just a handful of easy and simple potential solutions you might employ to solve your no-cold-air problem. We can’t guarantee that they’ll work for sure, but you’d be surprised at just how many of these issues are easy fixes.

If they don’t correct the situation, Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric would love to take a look to see just what’s going on. You’ll receive expert knowledge and service, and your AC will be frigid as ever before you know it! Give us a call at (813) 530-9061 and schedule an appointment today!