Your electrical outlets aren’t something you generally pay much attention to unless you notice visible signs of damage. If your notice they are worn out, you need to take immediate action to have them replaced to keep you and your family safe. Here are 6 signs you need to replace an electrical outlet in your home.

1. Feels Warm To The Touch

Your outlets should not feel warm when you touch them. Usually, if they feel warm, it’s because you have a loose, damaged or worn wire hidden behind your walls. If not addressed, this can pose a serious fire hazard. To avoid an electrical fire, you will want to have the outlet replaced by a professional right away.

2. Sparks and Smoke

You should never see sparks flying in your home, and you should never smell smoke. If you plug in an appliance and see a spark, smoke, or smell something burning, then you have a serious electrical problem on your hands. This might mean you have a short circuit or your electrical outlet was accidentally exposed to water. If you hear noises along with the sparks and smoke, such as sizzling or popping, then it means a fire is bound to happen. The best thing to do in this situation is turn off all power to that outlet and contact an electrician right away.

3. Not Working

Have you plugged something into your electrical outlet and find that it’s not working? Before jumping to the conclusion that it needs to be replaced, first check the other outlets in the room. If the other outlets are also not providing power, then it usually means your breaker was tripped. However, if it’s just one outlet not providing power, then you will want to have it replaced.

4. Ungrounded Outlets

If you live in a home that was built before 1962, then you most likely still have two-pronged receptacles that aren’t grounded, which can be dangerous. These don’t protect you against shock, electrocution, or electrical fires. That’s why the National Electric Code (NEC) required all homes built after 1971 to have grounded, 3-prong outlets. These help reduce the risk of electric shock and protect your valuable equipment from electrical damage.

5. Damaged Faceplates

Damaged faceplates, especially when exposing wiring, should not be ignored. Inserting a plug into a damaged faceplate that is cracked, broken, or missing, can be extremely dangerous. Not only can it cause the appliance you’ve plugged in to short out, but it can also cause electric shock or electrocution. The best thing to do in this case is to avoid using the outlet with a damaged faceplate until you can have an electrician replace the outlet for you.

6. Flickering Lights

Have you ever plugged in a high-powered appliance, like your AC or washing machine, and your lights flicker or dim? This could mean that the outlets you are using to provide power aren’t able to handle the amount of charge you’re putting on them. If this isn’t the cause, it could be due to loose connections in your outlet which can lead to arcing. Arcing is when the electrical current jumps a gap in a circuit. Not only can this make your lights flicker, but it can also be extremely dangerous.

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