One of the things that changes the most dramatically as we shift into winter is the air. It goes from being sticky, humid and heavy to a much lighter, drier consistency, and that’s a tough switch to make. If you employ the same indoor air quality strategies now that you did a few months ago, your winter IAQ will suffer. Instead, try a few of these tips for a winter IAQ guide from the friendly folks at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric. We can help you figure out the best ways to make sure your home’s air remains breathable and clean.

Use an Air Purifier

The shift in air consistency brings a lot of unwanted particles and contaminants with it. Your home probably isn’t used to handling that type of air all of a sudden, so give it an extra boost with an air purifier. Air purifiers come in a handful of different versions, so you can pick the one that will help you and your home the best.

  • * HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance)
  • * UV Lights
  • * PCO (Photocatalytic oxidation) Systems

Add Some Plants

The fact that plants can help you manage your IAQ isn’t exactly a secret. However, knowing which plants help more than others isn’t quite as well-known. Anyone can walk into a hardware store and know that *some* plant will help.

Two that tend to show up on most of these lists are Tillandsia and Peace Lilies. Tillandsia actually feeds off of moisture in the air since it doesn’t have a root system, so you can plant it anywhere and it’ll work just fine as long as it’s got some light. And on the other hand, places like NASA recommend Peace Lilies for their IAQ-helping plant of choice.

Clean – Frequently

This might be the tip that helps more than any other DIY job. It’s amazing how simply cleaning your home often can clear out the bad airborne particles that plummet your IAQ. Just take some time to vacuum – especially the vent registers – and dust around your home, and you’ll notice a drastic change in no time.

Don’t forget to keep doing this, though. While you might be satisfied with how clean everything is after the first cleaning job, don’t let that prevent you from keeping a tight cleaning schedule. It’s important to do this often!

Open Windows – If Even for a Bit

What?! Open the windows, in the winter?

If you can manage to do so, then yes! Although the air will be cold outside, cracking your windows for even a few minutes can make a huge difference. That fresh air floods your home, and it overtakes the contaminated air that has lowered your IAQ.

Schedule Professional Service

Sometimes the factors in your home that lead to less-than-ideal IAQ are a result of systems that need a serious cleaning. And when those areas are in hard-to-reach places or areas you can’t make sense of, it’s best to call an expert like the ones at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric.

We’ll send out one of our highly trained technicians who will assess your home’s IAQ situation. They’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive IAQ plan tailored specifically to your home, and you can be sure it’ll solve your problems.

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