When you’re trying to figure out the best way to heat bigger rooms in your home, it’s almost like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Since hot air rises, it’s harder to evenly heat the entire room – and you’ve got to either turn the thermostat WAY up and suffer the energy-bill consequences, or you just bite the bullet and deal with colder temperatures in the name of saving money.

There’s got to be another way, right? Although there isn’t one easy answer to figuring out the heating-efficiency problem, we’ve got a few ways that might make it easier to stomach the problem in the first place.

Whole-System Solutions

Since most of us have central heating and air, we’re used to the heating system operating a certain way. The HVAC unit activates the heating cycle, which pumps hot air into your ducts until it reaches vents in certain rooms. That’s helpful when you’ve got a normal-sized room that heats up adequately, but a bigger room doesn’t work the same way.

One way to try and get around this problem is by installing a radiant heat system. You can install this in a variety of ways to reach the heating point you’re aiming for.

  • Radiant heating under your floor: This works by funneling heated water through small tubes or coils underneath your flooring. It heats from the ground up, meaning it works with the natural rising action of heat instead of against it.
  • Cove heaters/Radiant ceiling heat: Sort of the same idea. Radiant ceiling heat attaches to specific points and emits heat in a direct line, allowing you to spot-heat places in a room you hang out in the most.

Individual Additions to Help Heat a Room

If you’re not in the radiant-heating mood, then you might be more open to just adding one or two specific items to help you heat this pesky big room.

Space heaters are the go-to solution for most people. You just find a place to put them – which, if it’s a big room, could be anywhere – plug them in, and voila! Just remember to turn them off when you’re done, or you’ll be wasting energy.

Duct boosters are small implements that you add to your vents. They’re pretty self-explanatory, too. All you do is plug them in or attach them to the interior of your vent, and they sense when the furnace kicks on and propels – or boosts – the hot air farther into the room.

Feeling really adventurous? Some companies offer ceiling fan heaters that push heat from the top down and spread the heat out just a bit more.

Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric: Helping You Solve Your Heating Problems

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