is duct sealing worth it

The ductwork in your home is an important component of your central heating and cooling system. Warm or cool air circulates through these ducts and is inhaled by you and the occupants in your home. That is why it is important to ensure your ducts are well-sealed. Any cracks or gaps in the ducts can cause unclean outdoor air to enter your home, ultimately worsening your indoor air quality.

In addition, this can force your air conditioner to work harder in providing the heating or cooling your home needs. According to the Department of Energy, up to 100 dollars can be lost every year if duct holes are left ignored. However, duct sealing requires a big investment of time, money and energy, and many homeowners ask themselves the same question: Is duct sealing worth it? If you are one of those homeowners, this blog by the pros at Acree is for you!

What Happens if You Don’t Seal Ducts?

If you don’t seal your ductwork, you won’t have to worry about paying a high up-front cost for duct sealing services. You also won’t have to worry about spending time and effort into finding a trustworthy HVAC technician who can do the job. However, you will also be wasting a significant amount of energy and money. According to Energy Star, 20 to 30 percent of air flowing through ducts is lost because of holes, cracks and openings. So, if you don’t seal ducts, there will be no high up-front cost. But this decision can increase energy-loss and your utility bill overtime. In addition, unsealed ducts can lead to the worsening of indoor air quality which can decrease your overall comfort.

What Happens If You Seal Your Ducts?

Duct sealing services can be an investment for sure. It takes time out of your day and money out of your wallet. However, ducts with holes in them can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC unit by up to 20 percent. By sealing your ducts, you can improve the efficiency of your central heating or cooling system as well as your overall comfort. Here are some benefits of sealing your ductwork:

  • Consistent Air Flow and Temperature

If you have been dealing with random temperature changes from one room to another, it is often caused by inconsistent air flow. Duct holes can bring in unclean outdoor air and conditioned indoor air can get lost, causing air flow issues. By sealing your ducts, you can prevent such problems.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

By sealing your ducts, you can better the indoor air quality of your home and prevent pollutants, allergens and other toxic materials to enter your home.

  • Increased Safety

When your major home appliances are running, they often release combustion gases through their ventilation systems. Leaky ductwork can cause a phenomenon called “backdrafting” which occurs when these gases are pushed back into your home, instead of outside.

Is Duct Sealing Worth it? Acree says, “Yes!”

For your comfort, safety and the energy-efficiency of your home, we recommend sealing any leaky ducts in your home. If you are looking for highly qualified HVAC technicians to do this in the Tampa area, look no further! The pros at Acree are here to help you out! Call us today at (813) 530-9061 or schedule an appointment online!