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Why You Should Have A Plumbing Inspection Before Buying A Home

Looking to buy a home soon? Don’t forget to dot the i’s and cross the t’s – and that includes having the plumbing inspected. Buying a home is an exciting but stressful and overwhelming time. You want to make sure you’re making the best moving decision for you and your family! Especially in older homes, you never know the condition of the pipes or the plumbing system as a whole. Getting a plumbing inspection before buying the home allows you to make sure there are no major plumbing issues.

1. There May Be Unknown Pipe Issues

While you can do a visual inspection yourself, there are things that you cannot see. For example, your main drain line or the underground pipes in your home cannot be seen by the naked eye. These are things that can be checked out by a professional during a plumbing inspection.

2. Help You Catch Expensive Problems

Sure, the house you’re buying is within your budget and everything is good on that front! But, there could be some major home projects you’re not aware of before you sign those documents. For example, maybe the home you’re buying needs a septic system replacement right away – but you didn’t know that before you bought the home. A plumbing inspection can help catch these problems before you buy the house, so you can decide if it’s still worth the investment.

3. Inspect For Water Leaks

During a plumbing inspection, the plumber will check every aspect of the home for any signs of leaks. During your walkthrough, you may not have noticed the leaks in the shower, or around the sinks, faucets, toilet and dishwasher. These problems can cause a lot of problems and lead to high water bills.

4. Determine The Water Heater’s Condition

A water heater replacement can be expensive. To avoid the unexpected cost of one, have a plumber inspect it’s overall condition and age. The plumber will help you ensure it’s running properly, and reassure you it shouldn’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

5. Check Out The Water In Your Home

There’s nothing like buying a home and moving in, only to find the water is discolored and contaminated. Dirty water can mean there’s a long-term problem, like old pipes that need to be replaced – which can be expensive. However, it could also mean a simple fix. Regardless, having your water inspected before purchasing a home is always a good idea.

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